Heavy-metal band, moonshine and a wedding

Our origin isn't what you'd expect from a spirit company. It all began with heavy-metal beats, a bottle of moonshine, and a wedding. Dive into the heart of Spirits of Iceland, and you'll find the echoes of a wild journey that started in 2015.

The story of Spirits Of Iceland

Magnús, our very own drummer from the band "Black Death", once earned moonshine for his electrifying performance at a wedding. And let's be real: not every band member gets paid in spirits, right? But that's the beauty of life's unexpected twists.

Returning home to his brother Snorri and their mother Rán, an idea took shape. Rather than sipping the moonshine straight, why not elevate it? The mother-son  team went to work experimenting with infusing small samples with various local herbs. From wild thyme to blueberries to angelica, they infused the spirit with Iceland's wild essence. Then, a eureka moment with seaweed, revealing a taste as magical as the Northern Lights.

Eager to bring their newfound flavors to the world, they secured a permit for experimental alcohol production. Their mission? To fuse wild Icelandic herbs and berries, creating an unmatched local spirit. This dream couldn't have materialized without the genius palate of Hjörtur, a historian and close family friend. As our chief taster, his discerning taste is the guiding star of every bottle we craft.

It's a passion

Today, Spirits of Iceland isn't just a brand. It's a family's passion, an ode to our land, and an adventure in every sip. From the rugged cliffs to the serene fjords, we encapsulate Iceland's untamed spirit. And as we raise our glasses, we invite you to join our journey. Here's to unexpected beginnings and the magic they lead to.

So from Metal to Moonshine - Skál!

Image of a bottle where it all started for Spirits Of Iceland