Gin MÓA distilled

Spirits of Iceland introduces "Gin Móa distilled" a harmonious blend of wild herbs handpicked from the vast and enchanting moors of Iceland. This isn't just another gin, it's a voyage into the untouched wilderness of the Icelandic landscape and distilled into a bottle.

The journey

As you journey into the heart of Iceland's moors, you'll find them teeming with botanical treasures. Each bringing its own unique aroma and flavor. Among these treasures are Angelica and Arctic thyme, two paramount ingredients that make Spirits of Iceland's gin MÓA stand out in a league of its own.

Angelica, often regarded as the 'mystical herb of the Vikings,' adds an earthy, slightly sweet flavor with hints of musk. This complex herb has long been celebrated in Icelandic folklore and medicine. Its inclusion in this gin provides an authentic taste of the land's history.

On the other hand, Arctic thyme, native to the chilly terrains of Iceland, brings a gentle, aromatic flavor reminiscent of mint with a touch of citrus. When it blooms, the moors are painted with its delicate lilac flowers, creating a sight as mesmerizing as its taste.

The brilliance lies in the fusion of these two herbs. Together, they create a gin that embodies the freshness of Arctic thyme and the depth of Angelica. Every sip is an invitation to wander through the Icelandic moors, feeling the cool breeze and hearing the whispers of ancient tales.

Piece of Iceland

With Spirits of Iceland's gin in hand, you're not just holding a drink, you're holding a piece of Iceland. Whether you enjoy it neat, in a classic tonic mix, or as the star of your innovative cocktails, its unique flavor will transport you straight to the heart of the Icelandic wilderness.

Raise a glass to the beauty of Iceland, distilled! Cheers!

Picture of a bottle of Gin Móa Distilled

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