Aquavit Seaweed Dill

Spirits of Iceland presents a truly exceptional Aquavit, uniquely infused with wild seaweed and dill. This is no ordinary spirit, it's an artisanal experience that captures the very essence of Iceland's rugged coastline and rich farmlands. Handpicked red seaweed and locally grown dill set the stage for an aquavit that is as unique as the land it hails from.


Every August, the team embarks on an adventurous journey to a secluded spot along Iceland’s south coast. Here, they wade into the shallow Atlantic waters at low tide to handpick red seaweed, taking utmost care to leave enough behind for natural regeneration. This seaweed is then sun-dried for a day, locking in its extraordinary savory flavor with subtle oceanic undertones.

But what's an aquavit without herbs? Fresh dill, sourced from local farmers in South Iceland, joins the seaweed in an infusion process that brings out the herb’s wonderful aroma and taste. The marriage of seaweed and dill creates an aquavit that is truly delicious and absolutely unique. The savory notes of the seaweed complement the dill's aromatic freshness, creating a layered flavor profile that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Spirits of Icelandic folks

Seaweed & Dill Aquavit defies traditional expectations. Our employee even go so far as to claim that a tonic mixed with this aquavit is far superior to your usual G&T. And why stop at tonic? This versatile spirit serves as a perfect shot to accompany fine seafood and is also a superb base for those who love to experiment with extraordinary cocktails.

So, if you're looking to elevate your drinking experience, look no further. Spirits of Iceland's Seaweed & Dill Aquavit offers a delectable twist to the classic Nordic spirit. Each sip transports you to the heart of Iceland, where the ocean meets the land, and tradition meets innovation.

Cheers to a unique experience in a bottle!

Picture of a bottle of Aquavit Seaweed Dill

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