Aquavit Angelica & Caraway

Iceland – a land of legends, ancient traditions, and untamed beauty. Dive into its heart with every sip of Aquavit Angelica & Caraway. Each bottle crafted by Spirits Of Iceland is a tribute to the island's rich history and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Caraway, the spirit's robust spine, weaves a tale. Although a touch of it grows wild on Viðey Island, it's a rare find. So, to ensure consistent quality and taste, we hand-select the finest caraway seeds from Finland. It's this commitment that brings a deep, earthy flavor to the fore.

The essence

However, the true essence of Iceland lies in Angelica. Handpicked each June from the verdant fields of Hvanneyri, this aromatic herb has tales to tell. Nestled beside the glacial river Hvítá, Hvanneyri or "Angelica field" is steeped in legends. It's believed that the Viking Skalla-Grímur KveldÚlfsson once roamed these very lands. This Angelica adds layers of complexity to our Aquavit.

Come July, and the quest begins anew – this time, for wild arctic Thyme. Imagine a flower, small, pink, yet bursting with flavors. Preferring the isolated moors of the highlands, its heavenly fragrance is intoxicating. Arctic Thyme isn't just an ingredient; it's the spirit of Iceland's untouched wilderness.

Lets talk

Now, let's talk craft. At Spirits Of Iceland, every step is a labor of love. From sourcing the best ingredients to meticulous distillation, quality reigns supreme. We believe in preserving the essence of Iceland, its stories, and its landscapes in every bottle.

When you pour a glass of Aquavit Angelica and Caraway, it's more than a drink. It's an experience, a tale and a journey. It's the chill of Icelandic winds, the warmth of its stories, and the legacy of its ancient settlers. So, here's to Iceland – raw, majestic, and ever-enchanting.

Cheers to a spirit that is truly Icelandic at heart!

Picture of a bottle of Angelica Aquavit

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