Spirits of Iceland

AQUAVIT – ANGELICA & CARAWAY High-quality Icelandic Aquavit, infused & distilled with angelica & blueberries fresh from the heaths & dales of Iceland. Spiced with caraway seeds. Serve straight or create magnificent cocktails.  Read more

AQUAVIT SEAWEED & DILL High-quality Icelandic Aquavit, infused & distilled with seaweed, hand-picked at low tide & dill, grown by small, local greenhouse farmers. Serve straight or create magnificent cocktails.   Read more

About Us

Hálogi distillery Reykjavík was founded in 2015 by Rán Jónsdóttir, an engineer and artist living in Reykjavík,

The first steps were taken in the summer of 2015, when a local artist and engineer’s son, the drummer in a heavy-metal band, was paid for a gig in a bottle of moonshine. The mother-son team then set about experimenting with infusing small samples with various local herbs and set about to find the perfect combination of wild herbs and berries to create a truly superb local spirit. Which is where the third member of the Hálogi team came in, historian Hjörtur Hjartarson who has been the chief taster of the company since its founding.

Cocktail Of The Month

Angelica Jolie

4,5 cl Hvönn
1,5 cl Grand Marnier
2,5 cl fresh lemon juice

1,5 cl Red wine syrup

Shake and double strain into a cocktail glass
Garnished with lemon zest

Mixologue: Bjartur Daly Þórhallsson, Reykjavík.

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