Brennivin - 2023 Christmas Edition

Introducing the festive enchantment of the holiday season, "Spirits of Iceland," our beloved micro-distillery, is thrilled to unveil the Christmas Edition of our meticulously handcrafted Icelandic Brennivin. This limited-time delight encapsulates the spirit of the holidays with its infusion of zesty oranges and the subtle, warming embrace of anise. The result is a high-quality, unique Icelandic Brennivin that takes your taste buds on a journey reminiscent of Christmas itself. As the snow blankets our homeland, let "Spirits of Iceland" warm your heart and soul with this exquisite yuletide creation, inviting you to savor the true essence of an Icelandic winter wonderland.

Cheers to a spirited holiday season!

Image of a vine Brennivin for 2023 Xmas

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Our spirits are proudly available at the Icelandic duty free store for those passing through.

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